Art Book – Extinction

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Art Book by Lydia Moyer, 25 cm x 20 cm
Title: Extinction
Year: 2020
Hardcover, Dust Jacket, Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm, 30 pages
This book is an open edition photo-book based on Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Dioramas, a series of large-scale photos of dioramas from natural history museums. Using the content-aware delete function in Photoshop, all animal and human life has been removed from photos of the original photos, leaving empty landscapes with subtle smudges in place of the fauna. This is an unscientific means of imaging – and imagining – mass extinction.

Category: Artist

Lydia Moyer

Lydia Moyer is a media maker and visual artist who lives and works in central Virginia, USA. She is a professor in the art department at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

"My video and print work is a personal response to a sense of crisis in the world. It casts the individual amidst the collective, wrestling with the overwhelming social, political, and environmental concerns, including climate change, that are the shadow of capitalism. I engage with these concerns alternately by conflating one with another, speaking from the past or future in order to address the present, and playing with the strange and uncanny amidst melancholy and grief. Moving equally and sometimes seamlessly between self-created and existing materials, I hope to evoke a felt-sense of unshielded – and unheroic – awareness through image, sound, and text.."



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