About our shop

Climanosco makes high-quality, accessibly written, state-of-the-art climate research freely available to the world. Neutrality and independence – including financial independence – are among our founding principles.

We created this shop to provide ourselves the means to become financially sustainable while staying strictly independent from any individual donor. Through this independent fundraising, we can remain true to climate science and to the people who trust our content.

We partner with diverse artists from around the world, selling their work here because we believe the arts are essential in pursuing our mission. While the clear and accessible communication of climate science is one side of our work, we know that effective communication must engage people on multiple levels. Art has the ability to draw out different emotions, connection and understanding than facts alone. Seeking to increase not only understanding but engagement with issues around climate science, we work with artists whose values align with ours, and whose work evokes connection and emotion around climate, science and the natural world.

If you are a professional artist and you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.

In addition to unique work from our partner artists, we also offer print versions of all our scientific publications as well as Climanosco branded merchandise. You can also make a direct donation, either as such or in addition to your purchases. We are greatly appreciative of any donation in any amount up to our limit (donations are capped to ensure independence with respect to any donor. More information here.).

Your purchases and donations have a direct impact, making climate science more accessible to everyone, and increasing climate literacy and awareness.

This shop is designed to allow you to donate and purchase safely and easily with all major credit cards. Note that we have no access to your credit card details. That’s a legal requirement for your own safety.

This shop belongs to Climanosco and follows all Climanosco Rules and Statutes. In particular, all donations and all returns from sales are exclusively used towards Climanosco’s goals. Please refer to About Climanosco for more information. Activity reports, financial and auditing reports are available here.

We are continually increasing our product offering. Please help us make our shop more exciting by sending us your suggestions for protentional artist partnerships, new products, or any feedback you might have.

Thank you for being here.

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