Why Your Purchase Matters

You have a special occasion and you are looking for a very special gift?

You are looking for something which can add colors to the everyday life?

For yourself or for a special friend?

But you are tired of spending your money on meaningless products.

Well, you definitely found the right place!

We designed this shop exactly for that purpose.

If you are looking for a special gift, then check out our gift cards. Or even better, our works of art! We are partnering with acknowledged artists who are willing to support Climanosco. Some of these works of art are exclusive, that means that you will not find them anywhere else. Guarantied. All items are very rare presents and you can be sure that they will be highly appreciated.

We also offer products that make you part of Climanosco. Have a look at our branded T-Shirts or our publications.

By purchasing in our shop you also give your money towards developing more accessibility of climate sciences, more climate literacy and more climate awareness. We run on volunteers mainly and our overheads are extremely low.

Your purchase is meaningful. For you, your children, your children’s children.

You are welcome to add a little donation to your purchase if you wish, or you can just make a donation without purchasing anything.

Climanosco is dedicated to make climate sciences accessible to everyone everywhere. To guaranty that you can trust us, we apply strict rules of independence. We run on small donations, and we need many people like you to support us. There are no things like too small donations. We appreciate all contributions at every level.

Climanosco’s Shop is designed to allow you to donate and purchase safely and easily with all major credit cards. For the checkout, you will be redirected to the e-payment platform of our bank PostFinance. This way we have no access to your payment details. That’s a legal requirement for your own safety.

This shop belongs to Climanosco and follows all Climanosco Rules and Statutes. In particular, all donations and all returns from sales are exclusively used towards Climanosco’s goals. Please refer to Climanosco’s About for more information. Activity reports, financial and auditing reports are available there (see Association) for members (login required). Contact us if you want us to send you these documents.

Because we want to make climate sciences accessible, we offer our publications at the production price. If you need our publications in larger amounts, please contact us directly to see what we can do for you. Our publications are also available for download for free, in case you want to print them yourself.

We will increase our offering over time. Please help us make our shop more exciting by sending us your suggestions for new products, contacts you have that could be useful or any feed-backs you might have.

We count on you.

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