Glazar James

Barbara Glazar and Ryan James are an artist duo, referred to as Glazar James. Glazar and James began collaborating in 2009 producing works that are meticulously executed, and independently presented. They have most recently completed a series of circular paintings (2014); intimate flower portraits set against a pure white background. They have since explored this distinctive approach - which brings the subject out of their context and reveals the exquisite gradations of colour and variations of form. Glazar James works has recently garnered attention among collectors worldwide. Presently they live and work in Zurich, Switzerland.

"The rose artworks communicate visually one of the many natural gifts that the earth offers. Climanosco engages the public with communicating climate science and these artworks of detailed roses aim to convey the beauty and graciousness of nature. We believe the roses capture one of the magnificent aspects in life that we can continue to share and enjoy, alongside the development of climate science." Barbara Glazar and Ryan James, 2016.